Phyllis Spoor - Ps's Sparkly Hat Photography







Phyllis Spoor

Phyllis Spoor - Ps's Sparkly Hat Photography

San Diego, CA


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KOI 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas Cards 2018

Christmas Cards 2018

Final Canadian Yukon Night Lights 2017

Midevile Walled City Germany

Canadian Yukon Snow Scenes 2018

KOI 2018 San Diego Area

Ramona Hawk Watch January 2018

Canadian Yukon Lynx

Canada Yukon Nightights Etc

Julian Night Sky

Lions Tigers and Bears

Out of Africa-Wild Animals

Muddy Lions Tigers and Bears Christmas Party 2013

Sunrises San diego California

Alaska Aurora Borealis 2014 Green Lady Dancing Across the Sky

San Diego July 14 Super Moon

Lunar Eclipse-Blood Moon April 2014

Vintage Biplane Ride Over San Diego Ca

Gorilla Study-1-San Diego Safari Park

Cabrillo National Monument-San Diego Ca

Koi JFG Koi Pond Vagabond Koi

Giraffes at San Diego Zoo 2015

Orangutans Mother Baby San Diego Zoo 2015

Gorilla Study-2- San Diego Safari Park 1 Month Later 6-9-15

SD Embarcadero Sunset Pictures 6 15

San Diego Sunrise 7 12 15

SeaWorld Fireworks San Diego Ca July 2015

Balboa Park Flowers-Rose Garden

Baboa Park Rose Garden Flowers-Black Backgrounds

Flamingos San Diego Zoo

Perseid Meteor Shower 8 12 15 Seen from Southern California

Koi With Lilly Pads-In Camera Painting

Seattle 9 15

Guam Sunrises

Guam Sunrises

Singapore Cloud Dome

KCSD Koi Buying BusTrip 11 15

Seattle Washington

Sunsets Sunrises Seattle to Singapore

Balboa Park Bell Tower 2016

Budapest 2016

Water Lilies


Sunrise From Backyard San Diego 2016

Spoor Fish AKA Sparkly Hat

JFG KOI 11 2016

Netherlands 1

Netherlands 2

KCSD Koi Show 2017

KCSD Koi Collection 2016

SD Sunsets Sunrises 15 16

Oakhurst California

Yosemite Spring 2017